Welcome to MpaHire, where our 8 years of success in recruitment speak for themselves. With over 490 partners worldwide and more than 10,000 successfully placed professionals, we represent a new era in job searching and hiring. Founded on trust, experience, openness, honesty, and individuality, our services span from recruiting to training, ensuring success for both job seekers and employers.

A trusted team

Jerry Richards

Jerry Richards, Head of Talent Acquisition
Jerry leads the talent acquisition team with over 12 years of experience in global recruitment. He's renowned for his strategic approach to finding top talent and his commitment to fostering long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.

Linda Sims

Linda Sims, Recruitment Specialist
Linda specializes in IT and tech recruitment, bringing innovative solutions to match the best talents with the right companies. Her expertise in the tech industry and her passion for helping people achieve their career goals make her a key asset to the MpaHire team.

Brad Martin

Brad Martin, Training and Development Manager
Brad is dedicated to enhancing the professional growth of both our team and the candidates we place. With a background in organizational psychology, he designs and implements training programs that are both engaging and effective.

Thelma Jones

Thelma Jones, Client Relations Manager
Thelma is the primary point of contact for MpaHire's partners, known for her exceptional ability to understand and meet clients' needs. Her dedication to service excellence has resulted in longstanding relationships and a high level of trust with our partners.

Chris Copeland

Chris Copeland, Marketing Director
Chris spearheads our marketing strategies, focusing on communicating MpaHire's values and successes to a broader audience. His creative approach and deep understanding of digital marketing trends have significantly raised our profile in the recruitment industry.

Sharon Edwards

Sharon Edwards, HR Consultant
Sharon provides HR consulting services, offering deep insights into organizational development and employee management. Her advice helps our clients build stronger, more cohesive teams that drive success.

Why MpaHire?


Global Presence

At MpaHire, our reach extends far beyond local job markets into a vast international network, connecting talents with top employers across the globe. Our deep understanding of diverse labor markets and industries allows us to uncover unique career opportunities that others might miss. Whether you're seeking to advance your career locally or dream of an international assignment, MpaHire is your gateway to the world. We leverage our global connections to offer you positions in leading companies, ensuring that your next career move not only meets but exceeds your aspirations.

Trust and Honesty

In a world where the job market is ever-changing, the values of trust and honesty remain constant at MpaHire. We believe in building relationships on a foundation of transparency and integrity, both with our clients and our candidates. From the initial consultation to the final placement, our communication is open and honest, ensuring that expectations are clear and aligned. Our commitment to these principles has fostered long-term collaborations and a trusted network of clients and candidates alike. With MpaHire, you can rest assured that your career or hiring needs are in trustworthy hands, as we strive to create successful, ethical, and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Personalized Approach

Understanding that every job seeker is unique, with their own set of skills, experiences, and career goals, MpaHire takes a highly personalized approach to recruitment. We don't just match resumes with job descriptions; we delve deep into your career aspirations, strengths, and preferences. Our dedicated team works closely with each candidate to tailor our search and consultation process, ensuring that the opportunities we present are perfectly aligned with your individual career path. This bespoke service is designed to help you achieve not just any job, but the right job that propels your career forward.


Our Services


For Employers

A comprehensive range of services for talent search and placement, including candidate assessment, interviewing, and offering candidates who perfectly fit your culture and goals.


For Job Seekers

Support at every step of the job search process, from resume writing to interview preparation and salary negotiation, helping you land your dream job.


Training and Development

Professional skill development through specialized training and workshops to enhance career prospects.

Embark on Your Next Career Adventure with MpaHire

Your next career opportunity awaits, and MpaHire is here to pave the way. Our global network, tailored approach, and dedication to transparency set us apart, making us more than just a recruitment agency—we're your partner in success. Whether you're seeking the perfect job or the ideal candidate, MpaHire is your gateway to possibilities.


Don't wait for opportunities to come to you. Join the many who have found their path to career growth and recruitment success with us. Reach out today, and let MpaHire guide you to your next achievement. Your journey to success begins now.

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